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Great people! Great service! Very attentive to my problem and communicated with me through out the process of getting my vehicle fixed! Definitely recommend!!!
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We are your El Cajon Tire Repair specialists. With over 30 years experience in tires and suspension we are able to put you on the road with your best interests at hand.
Are you tires wearing oddly or do your tires have bald spots? The easiest check for us to do is to look at your tires so you don?t have any ill timed flats or accidents because of poorly inflated tires.

Please don?t fill you tires past their maximum pressure. With El Cajon temperatures it may prove fatal with a blowout on one of our extremely hot California days. Also, overinflation, as well as under inflation can cause your tires to wear improperly. It?s essential for you to have properly filled tires and to check your tires pressure at least once a week. Also your wallet will thank you with better gas milage and less need for new tires.

We know you have many options in repairing your car in El Cajon. We hope that our family?s service will allow you to see that a familiar face willing to explain your options and outcomes may provide a better service to you.