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Oil Change: AA Auto Repair & Tires




  • 5 Quarts
  • 150 Pt. Inspection




  • 5 Quarts
  • 150 Pt. Inspection


El Cajon, CA Oil Change

Having your vehicle’s oil changed regularly is an important part of regular maintenance. An oil change means a lot more than just changing your vehicle?s oil filter. At California Tire & Service, our oil change service is a comprehensive auto repair performed by qualified mechanics.

  • An Oil Change Includes:
  • Changing the oil filter
  • Checking the air filter
  • Inspecting and topping off all fluids under the hood
  • Oiling all fittings
  • Examining engine for punctures
  • Checking belts and hoses
  • Examining tire inflation levels
  • Checking entire undercarriage

What does an Oil Change do?

Your car depends on new oil and oil filters to keep it running efficiently. Oil needs to be kept full, clean from fragments, and not burnt. Oil lubes essential engine components. Moving parts create rubbing, and over time that rubbing wears the parts down. Oil, or a synthetic lube, could lessen the damage from the heat by those moving components. By having a regular oil change service schedule, you will positively increase your engine’s efficiency as well as expand the life of your vehicle’s engine.

How often is it recommended?

It is recommended that you have your oil changed on a regular schedule. For your car’s specific service interval, always consult your owner’s manual or ask one of our professional technicians at California Tire & Service.California Tire & Service provides top quality oil change and oil filter replacements in El Cajon, CA and all of San Diego East County.

We also offer unbeatable prices. Schedule an appointment for your next oil change today!


In El Cajon, CA

Providing Superior Auto Repair in El Cajon, CA for close to 30 years!

We handle all your Domestic and Foreign Car problems. No job is too big or too small. Our highly skilled mechanics are there for you.

Bring us your tough car problems and we will be able to find an economical solution for you and your family.


In El Cajon, CA

Save thousands of dollars by making sure your car is kept in tip-top condition. By performing routine maintenance on your car you will save time and most importantly your hard earned cash.

If you are hessitant to work on your car ask one of our technicians about our Car Maintenance Quarterly Service. This service provides top to bottom routine inspections for your car!