El Cajon Transmission car repair shop. We’ve specialized in car transmissions for over 30 years and have used that knowledge to bring you the quickest service at the best price.

Your car’s transmission is developed to give you the best speed, power and efficiency for your driving needs. We specialize in both trucks and cars. We have the proper tools to handle all your transmission needs.

Please keep in mind that your transmission does not require a lot of daily care. But, the cost of a new transmission is something you shouldn’t overlook as pocket change. You really should provide routine maintenance on your transmission by checking the transmission fluid 2 to 3 times a year for newer vehicles and more often for older one’s. Make sure you fluids are filled adequately and that the fluid is not dirty or cloudy. The fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles (check your car’s handbook to make sure). Doing this will add years to your transmission.

Your car requires a lot of simple, but tedious maintenance. Thankfully, here at AA Auto Repair in El Cajon we keep detailed records and will notify you the best options for maintaining a healthy car.

We know you have many options in repairing your car in El Cajon. We hope that our family’s service will allow you to see that a familiar face willing to explain your options and outcomes may provide a better service to you.

El Cajon Transmission Service
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