#1 Auto Radiator Repair Shop El Cajon, CA

We are your premier El Cajon radiator shop. We specialize in radiator replacement, hoses, fans, and thermostats needed to keep your car running cool and smoothly. Your car’s engine runs at around 210 degrees and running hotter than that can cause unnecessary wear and tare on your car. As parents to our cars or kids, problems do add and up and need to be addressed immediately before the exponentially turn into bigger problems. Failing to address your car radiator or overheating problems may reduce the life of your engine by 100,000 miles or more.

We know you have many options in repairing your car in El Cajon. We hope that our family’s service will allow you to see that a familiar face willing to explain your options and outcomes may provide a better service to you.

Car Radiator Repair Shop El Cajon CA
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