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We are the go-to choice to find a muffler or exhaust specialist in El Cajon CA. We are here to fix your car muffler woes!

First, we/you must take a look at your problem. Most people will know they have a car muffler problem because of the loud noise or rattling coming from under your car, but please remember that those loud noises produce deadly emissions that often do leak back into your car. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas and can cause headaches, dizziness, and sometimes lead to unconsciousness. Also, waiting to fix your car exhaust will eventually lead to bigger and exponentially more expensive problems.

Secondly, take a look to see if your noise is coming from the actual muffler, the catalytic converter (we’ll explain later), or from the pipes leading from the engine. Mufflers are a relatively easy, not so expensive fix. Your catalytic converter which has precious metals in it is very expensive to replace and is ofter a target for thieves. If your car sounds like a lot of rattling rocks underneath, your catalytic converter may need replacing. Your catalytic converter chemically alters your emissions so they are not as harmful to the air we breath.

Thirdly, you exhaust and your muffler are very important to maintaining great gas mileage. If you feel your car is lagging in power you may want to have our Car Service Team take a look at it free of charge. Small holes may be identified and fix before the become big holes and big problems.

We strive to be your dedicated car professionals in El Cajon. Give us a call or email us with a quick message.

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