Car Engine Repair

Are you having El Cajon Engine repair work needed? AA Auto Repair in El Cajon is ready to help you and guide you with finding the best solution for you and your car repair. Engine Smoke? Burning oil? Knocking or tapping sound? Low oil pressure? Oil in your radiator? Oil in yoScreenshot-2016-05-20-23.26.36ur air cleaner?

If you have any of these problems driving in El Cajon or San Diego you are only doing more harm to your car by driving it. The worst thing you can do to your car’s engine is not doing the routine maintenance and checking your fluids every week. If you are doing this you may extend the life of your car engine by 50 to 100 thousand miles.

Now if we are already to the point of no return lets talk about your solutions. Bandaids are nice but you won’t be able to stop a serious problem without creating greater and more expensive engine repair work. Don’t think you can sell the car because with the new “Lemon Laws”. Your best option is to take care of the problem right away to prevent your cars other vital systems from feeling the fallout.

You might think its cheaper to buy another used car but keep in mind you are also buying somebody else’s problem. You might be just buying a couple extra months if you’re lucky. The best option is to look at your car as a whole. What else is wrong with “her”? Other potentially costly problems are the suspension from driving your car too hard. Your brakes may just help you prevent a huge accident and higher insurance rates, that is if you have insurance. Transmissions are getting better and better and typical cars shouldn’t have tranny problems for a while, that is if you don’t drive like a mad man. So, you are looking at anywhere from $2500 to $5500 for a rebuilt engine with a car that you know the history. With that you can get a goel-cajon-high-performance-racing-partsod 1 or 2 year warranty but most likely you will be looking at a few more than that.

The cost if you break it down is under $100 a month for the repair of a bad engine and if you bought a used car you would be looking at far more than that. If your car is nice. Please do yourself a favor and take care of your engine and rebuild it. It makes sense.

We know you have many options in repairing your car in El Cajon. We hope that our family’s service will allow you to see that a familiar face willing to explain your options and outcomes may provide a better service to you.

El Cajon Auto Engine Repair
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