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El Cajon Car Brakes Repair

Looking for an El Cajon brake shop? Are your car brakes squealing, grinding,or locking? It may be time for brake pad replacement or service. AA Auto Repair & Transmission offers free brake inspection with no appointment necessary!

What does brake service or pad replacement cost? Depending on the type of sound your brakes are making could make the difference in the price. Unfortunately, the grinding sound either means you waited to long and your brake rotors are taking a beating, or your brakes built in warning system telling you you have about 10 miles to get to a brake shop in El Cajon! The sooner the better or you may need to regrind your rotors, or you may need to have one of our brake specialists replace them if they are too thin.

When brake pads need replacing our brake service specialists will help.

My brakes are squealing, do they really need to be fixed??

Squealing brakes can be heard a mile away! Thankfully, there’s a chance there may be no real problem. From experience living in El Cajon, California, dirt, dust, or metal can get lodged in your brake pads and cause your car to make annoying sounds. Take the opportunity to give your cars brakes a good washing with a hose or car wash that washes the wheels to. This may alleviate your problems with the squealing. If it doesn’t please bring your car in for a quick check from on of our certified licensed brake specialists.

This is a picture of brake rotors in El Cajon, California.

Car Brakes Repair Service El Cajon CA
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